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AudioTX STL-IP Plus AudioTX STL-IP Plus from MDOUK with SureFlow

STL-IP over IP and Internet with as close to 100% reliability as it gets
SureFlow/5, only on AudioTX STL-IP Plus -  as close to 100% reliability as it gets
Up to 5 redundant streams at different bitrates and coding algorithms that can repair your audio down to a single sample, Forward Error Correction, a safety buffer of up to 60 seconds of audio(!) plus multiple options for emergency fallback audio.
Vastly Superior; Dramatically Different
Call it SURE, SMART or whatever you want, the technology behind all other manufacturers’ “clever” redundant streaming solutions is, unfortunately, a bit dim. Audio is encoded and made into packets. Then, at the very last stage before these are sent on the network, a duplicate copy of each packet is made and also sent. The receiving unit then, hopefully, gets at least one of the 2 copies and plays the audio from whichever it received first. It’s a start we guess.
SureFlow , included as standard with STL-IP Plus STL-IP Plus by AudioTX from MDOUK, is very different. And very clever. The (up to) 5 redundant streams are exactly that. Each one separately encoded using any audio coding type you like, at any bitrate you like. And, using STL-IP Plus STL-IP Plus by AudioTX from MDOUK’s unique Virtual Networks feature, each can be sent anywhere and anyway you like - over a single connection or over multiple different network or internet connections - to make it’s own, entirely independent, way to its destination. At the far end, every packet received is independently decoded all the way back to clean, crystal-clear audio and STL-IP Plus STL-IP Plus by AudioTX from MDOUK chooses the best available quality, of course acting according to your chosen stream priorities, seamlessly picking and choosing and fixing right down to each individual sample of audio. And if that isn’t “Sure” enough for you, you can add one of two types of FEC (Forward Error Connection) to any or all of the five streams, add a safety buffer that holds up to 60 seconds of audio for every stream and then even define multiple options for alternative backup audio. Perfect. We’re smiling and you will be too.
Ways to use SureFlow 5
SureFlow/5 -  up to 5 truly redundant/independent streams for DSL/Internet STL over IP  redundant   streams, 
 each at any   bitrate and   audio   encoding   type. 


Backup audio:

  • from a file which you can update remotely
  • routed from the device inputs
  • from a web stream

You could use two or more internet connections - from the same or different providers - and combine these into a rock-solid STL. And you can send audio using the maximum available bitrate on each connection to suit its capacity - don’t be limited to the smallest ‘pipe’ for your quality.

  • For example, one internet connection might support linear uncompressed audio at 1.5 Mbps, whilst another might only have space for a high bitrate AAC or APTx stream at 320 kbps or 576 kbps. A third might have lots of bandwidth but maybe you want to keep most of it for normal office web browsing… fine, use a 40kbps HE-AAC stream on this one. They’ll still all be combined as part of your SureFlowSureFlow/5 -  up to 5 truly redundant streams at different bitrates for the highest reliability system.

Perhaps you have a high-capacity network connection - for example a wireless (RF) microwave connection that offers say 50 Mbps or more - enough for great audio quality, but it does lose the odd packet here and there and, in a storm, completely drops out for several seconds at a time.

  • So you could back it up using your DSL or Cable Internet connection, or even both - remember you get up to 5 independent, redundant streams! You could send Linear uncompressed audio at up to 24 bits, 96 kHz sample rate on the microwave connection at 4.6 Mbps and perhaps a 320 kbps AAC compressed stream on the DSL connection. Easy.

Maybe you have a really important remote (outside) broadcast coming up. You’ve got DSL internet at the location. Great… why don’t you also combine it with a borrowed Cable internet connection from a shop nearby and also use your 3G/4G mobile data service? SureFlowSureFlow/5 -  up to 5 truly redundant streams at different bitrates for the highest reliability it!

  • And don’t forget you’ll be able to use the highest available bitrate as supported by the fastest of your connections for the absolute best quality audio.

And it really doesn’t matter if you have 5 different network connections at one location and only 2 at the other. It’s all good with SureFlow and STL-IP Plus STL-IP Plus by AudioTX from MDOUK ’s Virtual Networks feature.

  • Any stream can use as little as a 14kbps audio bitrate and still backup your audio.
And, remember, you can mix and match from the largest selection of audio coding types on the market - Linear (PCM uncompressed) audio at up to 24 bit/96kHz sample rate, MPEG4 AAC, AAC Low Delay and HE-AAC (SBR), Enhanced APTx at 16 and 24 bits, our pro-quality OPUS and FLAC (lossless), professional grade MPEG Layer 2 and Layer 3 compression, near-linear J.41, G.722 and more…

Have a look at the SureFlowSureFlow/5 -  up to 5 truly redundant streams at different bitrates for the highest reliability compared page of this site to get a handle on why it's so much better than any other seemingly similar technologies available today.


... Will the REAL STL-IP Please Stand Up

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