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... Will THE REAL STL-IP Please Stand Up

STL-IP for professional audio over IP networks and the Internet

audio over IP using LAN, WAN, Internet, Ethernet - professional live audio device for STL or IP codec applications

STL-IP-16 & STL-IP-8 offer the same Transmission Grade Live Audio over IP performance as AudioTX STL-IP Plus and STL-IP Classic...

STL-IP-16 and STL-IP-8 multiple audio streams over IP and internet

- with up to 16 inputs and outputs...


AudioTX STL-IP-16, STL-IP-8, and the STL-IP Plus and STL-IP Classic units are all compatible and allow you to set up highly flexible 'Audio Networks' within your organisation. Send and receive audio between fixed points 24/7/365, or set up audio circuits as and when you need them.

Use one STL-IP-16 unit to send (and receive) multiple channels to/from another single unit... or send each individual channel to many other units... receive audio from yet another combination of units. There are so many scenarios in which you'll have your own ideas. You can also use STL-IP-16 and STL-IP-8 to receive multiple (up to 16) connections from the field from reporters/remotes using the STL-IP Connect software.

Here are a few example situations which help explain the possibilities.

Example 1: Up to 16 channels of live audio (8 stereo, 16 mono or a combination) simply sent and received between two units. Bi-directional or unidirectional connection. All or some channels optionally Syncho-Locked to sample level timing accuracy.
Example 2: Up to 16 channels of live audio sent to units A and B (and C, D E and F if you wish) simultaneously and optionally Synchro-Locked. And/or up to 16 channels received from unit A, from unit B, or some from each.
Example 3: Live audio Sent and Received by one or more central units to/from multiple remote units using various separate TX/RX channel combinations.
Example 4: Any units can send audio, receive audio, or both from any other unit and in any combination.


... Will the REAL STL-IP Please Stand Up

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