Simply the most reliable, rock solid, guaranteed live audio over IP

... Will THE REAL STL-IP Please Stand Up

STL-IP for professional audio over IP networks and the Internet

audio over IP using LAN, WAN, Internet, Ethernet - professional live audio device for STL or IP codec applications

highest quality audio on any IP codec from AudioTX STL-IP
We'd love you to experience for yourself just how good the products in the STL-IP range sound!

The new optional AAC Codec Pack is available for all STL-IP products and offers amazing sounding audio at a wide range of bitrates... even as low as 14kbps. Our Transmission Grade audio encoders are unique to the STL-IP product range of course. Nothing else sounds as good as STL-IP.

You can listen online, download or order a CD.

There are a range of different types of audio - from classical to pop to acoustic and also voice. All at a range of bitrates from 320kbps down to 14kbps and coded with the new AAC algorithms - AAC, AAC Low Delay, HE-AAC (AACPlus) and HE-AAC v2.

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... Will the REAL STL-IP Please Stand Up

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