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STL-IP for professional audio over IP networks and the Internet

IP STL (Studio Transmitter Link over IP Networks and Internet) with a low 5ms delay - AudioTX STL-IP

  A u d i o T X  S T L - I P Classic    
  P r o d u c t   I n f o. . .

AudioTX STL-IP Classic is the baby of the STL-IP range. But don't let the low cost fool you... it still offers exactly the same high quality audio, the same low delay and the same level of performance over all networks - reliable audio over perfect and less perfect ones including internet connections of pretty much any type - wiping the floor with other IP codec units.


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W H A T ?
H O W ?

Need to send and/or receive broacast quality audio over IP networks, with total resilience and a minimal transmission delay?

AudioTX STL-IP is the solution you have been waiting for. STL-IP is absolutely unique.

AudioTX STL-IP is the first product of its kind that has been designed exclusively for broadcast and professional audio use and to offer the same low delay, high-quality audio and robustness that you'd get from a pair of copper wires!


The system is flexible, easy to set up and has a whole load of clever functionality, but put simply:

  • You plug one AudioTX STL-IP device into a power outlet and an ethernet jack at location A (not a dedicated network, just a standard ethernet network which may be used for other computers, servers and office functionality... it could even be the Internet.)
  • You connect another STL-IP unit at location B.
  • You get live single- or bi-directional audio between the two with just a 5ms delay.

In fact, you can send audio from one unit to many others. You can send uncompressed (Linear) audio at up to 24 bit, 96 kHz, or use professional quality MPEG, J.41, ADPCM or G.722 coding, Plus MPEG4 AAC, AAC Low-Delay and HE-AAC v2 with the optional AAC Coding Pack for Stereo audio from just 14kbps! STL-IP also offers APTx coding with the APTx Codec Pack. You can add Forward Error Correction, Safety buffers and even send RS-232 serial or TTL signals with your audio...



E x a m p l e  A p p l i c a t i o n s :

  • IP STL - Studio to Transmitter links (STL) over any IP Network: including Telco, Private/Dedicated, LAN/WAN, Wireless or Satellite, and the Internet.

  • Distribution of live or shared programming for radio stations and groups.

  • Permanent and ad-hoc broadcast quality audio connectivity between sites.

  • Multicast audio distribution over Telco networks, Satellite, LAN/WAN and all multicast capable networks .

  • Telco carrier-grade distribution of live audio signals (one or two way) via TCP/IP or UDP (including multicast) over IP networks.



Executive summary -  AudioTX STL-IP Classic:

  • Offers the same high quality, resilience and low delay as a pair of dedicated copper wires.
  • Allows you to send and receive broadcast quality professional audio over IP networks - from LAN/WAN and private networks, to leased lines, Telco/carrier provided circuits, Satellite, Microwave and other wireless networks, T1, E1, ATM and the Internet.

You can:

  • Connect two STL-IP units over a network and get live, bi-directional, low delay audio.
  • Use one STL-IP unit to transmit your audio to up to six different destinations (an unlimited number of remote units when using multicast).
  • Be sure your audio is robust -  STL-IP recovers automatically from power/network failures as soon as mains/connectivity returns.
  • Get the highest quality audio - with linear connections at up to 24/96, or high quality compressed audio using professional-grade MPEG Layer 2, MPEG Layer 3, J.41, DAT12, ADPCM, G.722 or our extra Low-Bitrate speech codec. Plus MPEG4 AAC, AAC Low-Delay and HE-AAC v2 with the optional AAC Coding Pack for Stereo audio from just 14kbps! Optional APTx Codec Pack adds Enhanced APTx coding.
  • Send additional TTL signals via the GPIO interface, or ancillary RS-232 data, in perfect sync with your audio.

... Will the REAL STL-IP Please Stand Up

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