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... Will THE REAL STL-IP Please Stand Up

STL-IP for professional audio over IP networks and the Internet

Deliver live audio over LAN WAN Ethernet Internet or any IP network - secure and reliable audio over IP

  A u d i o T X  S T L - I P  r a n g e   
  A p p l i c a t i o n s   G u i d e . . .

AudioTX STL-IP is a range of incredibly flexible and robust audio over IP devices, designed for use by broadcasters and professional audio users to offer live audio over LANs, WANs, Internet or any other IP network. Whatever your application, we can provide a solution that delivers reliable, high-quality audio over IP to match your budget. We specialise in custom solutions, so please do contact us if you have a requirement.


AudioTX - the experts in Audio over IP: Whether you simply need to get an audio feed from A to B, or you need to distribute/collect/broadcast audio to/from hundreds of sites, we can help you find the right solution.


Programme Distribution and Programme Sharing for radio stations and groups

Studio to Transmitter links (STL)

Permanent and ad-hoc broadcast quality audio connectivity between sites and studios

Outside Broadcast (Remotes).

Intercom, talkback and contribution circuits for TV and Radio.

An instant audio tieline over your existing network infrastructure.

Live audio from Satellite trucks or using broadband internet.

Deliver live audio to Satellite uplink points over IP Networks or Internet.

Multicast audio distribution over Telco networks, Satellite, LAN/WAN and all multicast capable networks for efficient live audio distribution.


Telco carrier-grade distribution of live audio signals (one or two way) via TCP/IP or UDP (including multicast) over IP networks.

Communications, security and surveillance applications, remote site monitoring over private networks or the Internet

Connection/relay of intercom facilities between sites.

In-store music distribution, background music systems over LAN, WAN, Ethernet, Internet.

Distribution of PA (public address) and alarm announcements in Railway Stations, Airports, Shopping Centres and other public places.

Delivery of live audio at conferences, exhibitions, concerts, events etc without the need for additional cabling.



... broadcast quality professional audio over IP networks - from LAN/WAN and
private networks, to leased lines, Telco/carrier provided circuits, Satellite,
Microwave and other wireless networks, T1, E1, ATM and the Internet.


GO LARGE - have LOTS of audio to send to LOTS of places...
Let us show you how with STL-IP-16 and STL-IP-8   more>>


... Will the REAL STL-IP Please Stand Up

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